Q: How many Canastas to go out?

A: Two Canastas to go out for 2 or 4-player games (straights count). One Canasta is the requirement for 3 players.

Q: What is Canasta Meld?

A:  Meld are the cards/points laid on the table in sets of 3 or more.

Q: How many card decks are used in Canasta?

A: Four decks of cards, including four jokers for a total of 108 cards.

Q: When was Canasta popular?

A: It still is in many families around the world. It was more mainstream in the US in the 1950s-1980s.

Q: When does Canasta end?

A:  A Canasta game ends when the first player/team reaches 8500 points.

Q: Are Canasta cards different?

A:  You can play Canasta with standard playing cards.  There are special Canasta cards available.  Click below to see what cards are available on Amazon.

Canasta Cards

Q: Where to buy Canasta cards? Where to buy Canasta card trays?

A: Click links below to see Canasta cards and Canasta card trays available on Amazon. You can also go to our Canasta related products page for more info.

Canasta Cards

Canasta Card Trays

Canasta Sets

Q: Where to play Canasta socially?

A:  Manhattan Canasta Club.

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