Players Comments

Joyce Fried


I am advance player and just loved it when I heard I could  play in Manhattan and make new friends. Kudos to the organizers, you have my support. Loved and enjoyed the afternoon enormously.

Doris Liebman


I had a great day.. Thanks for playing with me ...we had fun.....I know you love your Aces...nothing but the best.....

Your new friend,


Irv Kingdom


Mom and Dad played Canasta with their good friends, the Windbiglers, Bill and Jane, several times a month. I sat on the floor next to Jane and she would give me sips of whatever she was drinking! Jane was responsible for my nickname, Bud! She always said I was her little "Buddy!" Bill and Jane have been gone a long time. I really enjoyed playing. 

Patricia Wexler


I am so happy that I took lessons and joined canasta club. Its been life changing.

Marion Zukerberg


What  a great game. Challenges my mind  and I made new friends. Thank you MCC I will be there next week. Can't wait.

Ilya Bernstein


This is a game of strategy. Once into it, you are addicted. I had a really good time at the club and I met many wonderful ladies. Coming back soon.